America’s Volunteer Driver Center will be to volunteer recruitment what the Red Cross is to blood donation.  

By 2030, 1-in-5 Americans will be 65+. Across the U.S., people are creating volunteer driver programs to meet the transportation needs for older adults, but demand for this personalized service vastly outstrips the supply of volunteer drivers.

With support from the Federal Transit Administration and the CDC, ITNAmerica is planning a national public information campaign to recruit volunteer drivers by changing the way Americans think about and support mobility for our aging population.  

There are some problems for which solutions are unclear. We know the answer to this one: older Americans need a ride and volunteers can help with vehicles parked in driveways from coast to coast.  

“This program has literally saved my life–trips to the doctors, cardiologists, dentist, etc. The drivers are so compassionate and caring, and I feel like I’m riding with a friend.” 
-ITN Rider