America's Volunteer
Driver Center

Join our effort to ensure mobility and independence for America’s aging population. See the face and hear the voice of the person you are helping. Volunteer to drive today.  

The Challenge

Many older Americans outlive their ability to drive by about a decade, facing significant changes in their quality of life. Most live in rural or suburban areas with limited access to public transportation, which is often as challenging for them to use as driving. By 2030, transportation costs for aging baby boomers will become a significant burden. Private transportation services like Uber and Lyft are not readily available in these areas. The non-profit sector, through volunteer drivers, is best positioned to meet these needs. 

Passenger - Arm out window

AVDC Solution

America’s Volunteer Driver Center aims to transform how Americans perceive and support nonprofit community-based transportation for older adults. With $2 million in planning grants, AVDC is creating a national coalition for a public awareness campaign to recruit volunteer drivers, similar to how the Red Cross mobilizes blood donations. This initiative will ensure sustainable, affordable transportation solutions for our aging population. 

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