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We are changing the way Americans think about and support, nonprofit community-based transportation for older adults and people with mobility challenges.

After more than a year, America’s Volunteer Driver Center (AVDC) is midway through the two-year planning effort and has made significant Environmental Scan progress and has begun the technology planning, with significant milestones ahead in Q2.  

Environmental Scan 
In the first months of 2024, ITNAmerica finished five case studies of national public information campaigns, five case studies of national volunteer recruitment efforts, and two executive summaries based on each set of case studies. Next, AVDC will analyze public and private policy, examining key policies that either create incentives or remove barriers for volunteer transportation.  

Technology Plan 
ITNAmerica is now conducting the design and discovery process for AVDC’s technology platform. AVDC is conducting dozens of interviews with nonprofit transportation providers and volunteer drivers to illuminate user preferences and answer strategic and tactical questions to inform the AVDC website development. 

Sustainability Plan 
ITNAmerica began the financial sustainability planning to ensure the long-term sustainability of AVDC beyond the planning phase through recurring revenue, corporate sponsorships and philanthropic support.  

Community Outreach & Communications  
Through independent research and CDC guidance, ITNAmerica is exploring the various models, partnerships, and possibilities for administering public information campaigns. AVDC is now meeting with experienced communications experts. 

Our Mission

To mobilize a national effort for recruiting volunteer drivers, enhancing nonprofit community-based transportation, and ensuring mobility and access for older adults and people with mobility challenges.

Increased volunteer drivers

A national campaign will inspire community participation in volunteer driver programs.

Improved healthcare access

Greater availability of nonprofit transportation will reduce healthcare access inequality.

Sustainable solutions

Building support for community-based transportation will ensure long-term sustainability.

Enhanced safety

More transportation alternatives make systems safer for everyone.

Leadership Roundtable

Philanthropy / Nonprofit 

  1. Consumer Technology Association Foundation – Steve Ewell, Executive Director 
  2. NextFifty Initiative – Susan Hill, Program Officer 
  3. Grantmakers in Aging – Lindsay Goldman, CEO 
  4. National Institute for African American Health – Stacey Easterling, Executive Director 


  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  
  2. Federal Transit Administration – Mary Leary, Associate Administrator for Research, Demonstration and Innovation 
  3. New York State Office on Aging – Greg Olsen, Acting Director 
  4. Blackfeet Nation – Steve Pollock, Acting Director of Tribal Transportation

Business and Industry

1. Salesforce – Brian Komar, VP Global Sustainability Solutions  
2. Esri – Terry Bills, Global Transportation Industry Director 

Advisory Council

Nonprofit Volunteer Transportation Providers

  1. Volunteer Transportation Center (Watertown, NY) – Sam Purington, Executive Director 

Local/National Organizations

  1. National Council on Aging – Genevieve Waterman, Director, Economic & Financial Security  
  2. California Department of Motor Vehicles – Bayliss Camp, Chief of Research 

Subject Matter Experts

  1. Jim Firman – National Council on Aging, Executive Director (retired) 
  2. Patricia Oh – University of Maine Center on Aging, Program Manager 
  3. Tom Meuser – University of New England, Clinical Psychologist & Gerontologist, Director, Center for Excellence in Aging & Health 
  4. Nicholas Giudice – University of Maine School of Computing and Information Science, Professor 
  5. Barbara Wentworth – United Way of York County, former President and CEO 
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